Kriss Products supplies a full range of water treatment programs which are individually designed to meet the needs of our customer's heating and cooling systems. Kriss takes great pride in its water treatment systems and has many years of experience and research behind all of our water treatment products.

Our Commitment
We are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality chemicals in the water treatment field. From the largest to the smallest user, the need for high quality water treatment chemistry is vital to the operation and maintenance of heating and cooling equipment.
— Jim Fazzone

What's New

Kriss Water Treatment has partnered with Minneapolis based Creative Water Solutions to bring the powerful, simple and natural water treatment of ProMoss to the water treatment market.

ProMoss naturally removes and inhibits the formation of organic contamination effectively reducing corrosion, scaling and the insulating properties of organic contamination wherever the treated water touches a surface.

Read more about this exciting new water treatment technology and how ProMoss™ can benefit your business.

Our Mission

For over 35 years, Kriss Products has served the water treatment industry with the most effective and economical water treatment products and services available. At Kriss, we have built a trusted reputation with our customers, successfully providing hands-on, personable service and reliable support, as we work in partnership with your plant operating personnel.

Boiler and Cooling Water Chemical Treatment and Services