Products and Services

Kriss Products has built a trusted reputation with our customers successfully designing water treatment programs for specific applications and providing hands-on, personable service and reliable support.  Please browse the sections below to learn more about what Kriss Products can bring to your facility.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Kriss Products blends a full range of water treatment chemicals for use in industrial and commercial boilers, cooling towers and closed recirculating systems. A wide selection of package sizes allows us to ship only what our facility requires.  Learn more

Kriss ProMoss™ Water Management Program

The first all-natural and sustainable plant based water treatment solution for today’s water issues. Our products harness the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve water quality and affect every surface touched by water.  Learn more


Water treatment control equipment is essential to the effectiveness of the overall program.  A small investment in proper equipment will pay for itself many times over in water, chemical and energy savings.  Learn more


Kriss representatives are trained to provide the service and support you are looking for in a water treatment partner. Let our expertise help you learn how to effectively operate and control your water treatment program.  Learn more