Kriss ProMoss™ Water Management Program

Nature Had the Idea First

The first all natural and sustainable plant-based water treatment solution for today's water issues.  Our products harness the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve water quality and affect every surface touched by water.

The use of Sphagnum moss has proved to have remarkable and pervasive effects on water which has led to applications in various industrial water treatments including cooling towers, closed recirculating systems, boilers and steam generators.


The Sphagnum moss used in our products is a natural, green plant that grows in bogs. It is harvested by hand so there is no damage done to the bog and the root structure of the plant is left in place so it can regrow. ProMoss™ is a completely sustainable and renewable product. 

Cooling towers are one of the most critical and commonly encountered industrial water treatment systems. Of great concern, however, is the water and chemical usage associated with their use. In addition to the significant costs and toxicity related to traditional chemical treatment programs, cooling towers dump alarmingly high volumes of water, even during periods of minimal operation.

Chemical treatment and water dumping are necessary to stave off critical issues like corrosion and scale formation, but are also a standard of care that treats the symptom and not the source. This pattern leads to billions of gallons of potable water waste and water supplies tainted by chemical introduction.

To combat this excessive waste of our natural resources and to provide a more environmentally friendly water treatment program, Kriss Water Treatment has partnered with Creative Water Solutions to bring the powerful, simple and natural water treatment of ProMoss to the cooling water market.

The water treatment effects of ProMoss allow for the decreased use of many expensive and commonly used chemicals with no resulting increase in scale, corrosion or organic contamination. 

A Kriss ProMoss™ Water Management Program designed for your facility will:

  • ▪  Improve the circulating water quality, stability and clarity
    ▪  Remove positively charged metal ions from the circulating water
    ▪  Improve the efficiency of heat transfer by removing organic contamination and scale
    ▪  Reduce corrosion rates
    ▪  Minimize the use and handling of water treatment chemicals
    ▪  Reduce the maintenance and cleaning of surfaces in contact with treated water 

A Kriss ProMoss Water Management Program has demonstrated the ability to allow increased bleed settings by up to 100% or more, which results in significant cost savings for the system owner.

▪  Reduction in the amount of make-up water used
▪  Reduction in sewage costs as the amount of cooling water sent to drain is diminished
▪  Reduction of energy costs as heat transfer efficiency is maximized.
▪  Reduction in the amount of chemicals required to maintain the system
▪  Reduction of equipment maintenance and cleaning costs 

ProMoss™ is delivered to the cooling tower basin through a contact chamber. Open cage submersible chambers are used when the cooling tower has a sump which is easily accessed. Bypass style contact chambers are also available. Once installed, their unique design creates a tumbling action maximizing the moss water interface. ProMoss is changed on a once per month schedule. Light, non-toxic and easily disposed of, spent product is simply removed from the contact chamber and replaced with new bags of ProMoss

Interested in a more natural approach to treating your system and how the use of ProMoss™ at your facility can improve your current program while decreasing water use, chemical use and discharge?

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