About Kriss Products

Kriss Products is an independent water treatment and chemical company based in Minneapolis since our establishment in 1980. Initially serving the Twin Cities market, Kriss has since grown to provide customized water treatment programs for customers located throughout the midwest.  Serving a wide variety of industrial and commercial accounts, Kriss has the chemicals, equipment and qualified service personnel to provide cost effective, reliable and efficient water treatment programs for virtually any type of heating or cooling system.

Since our founding, Kriss Products has grown based upon the simple tenets of our Mission Statement:

  • We will achieve a level of quality and service that meets and
    surpasses all customer expectations.

    We have a 110% commitment to the belief that
    are the ingredients that define a lasting customer relationship.

  • Our customers make it possible for us to be and stay in business.

    Companies in and of themselves do not succeed, people do!

    Our quality shows we care enough to do our best.

    We will continually look for ways to improve quality and
    add value to our services. We can only do so by improving OURSELVES.


  • This Mission Statement has served Kriss Products well over the past 35 years. As the water treatment industry has evolved, these basic ideals remain unchanged as the basis of who we are, what we do and how we work with our customers.